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Righ knight

Politician - Journalist

Just like you, Righ is a Canadian that wants a fair, just and productive Canada.

Righ has lived in cities like: Toronto, Windsor, Calgary, Fort St John, Coquitlam, Surrey and Vancouver.

He knows how the 'big cities' and 'big companies' operate and wants to help give all Canadians a seat at the table.

He knows Canadian's value transparency and want to vote for someone they trust, with more than a decade in creating trusted news, Righ knows what Canadian's expect from pundits and incumbents.



I'm a small business owner in Vancouver, BC.
In my professional career I've been a store manager of Dollarama and Purdy's,
A Restaurant manager for Wok Box and A&W.
I have insider knowledge of the largest companies on Earth, from my time working with them.
Amazon, Walmart, Disney, Shred-it, McDonald's, CNN, Google, Etc.
I've also personally handled cases:
at the Supreme Court, in BC Provincial Court, office of the ombudsman of the CRA,
office of the President of Rogers arguing CRTC Violations and more.

business man

More then 15+ years business experience in Vancouver - Los Angeles

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More than 10+ years experience in making trusted news.

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Bestselling author with more titles coming soon!

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see what i've been saying

For over a decade I've been 100% transparent in my articles, blogs and publications I frequent.
My thoughts on subjects from foreign policy to big tech is still online for the world to see.
Still being in my 20's I have an impressive resume that makes me not only an experienced business man, but I have become adept in all spheres of economics; including security, intelligence, foreign policy, law, tax law and naturally our structure of government .


For over a decade, I've created top tier music. Been featured on the radio, streamed on satellite and now you too can download or listen on all your favorite apps.


I'm on a mission, to acquire an ivy league education on a budget.
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